Future and Anthropomorphic activeness

Human relationship to other people
What is the individual's relation to other citizenry?

U.S. culture evaluates individuality and comprehends fulfilment as obtained by personal accomplishment. Maximizing one's possibilities and capabilities transmutes to a mental duty.

But although Americans pride themselves on their respect for individualist freedom, some American businesss (especially in such orthodox sectors as finance and insurance) are markedly hierarchic. By similitude, in collectivistic Japan, even a chief executive director whose institution bears his name cognizes he is required to fit individualal desires against the compatibility of the grouping.

Hominian activity
What is the modality of hominal activity?

It is postulated that United States of American society does not render broad means of achieving self-identification other than through activity and accomplishment, and so goal-accomplishment becomes a means by which you differentiate yourself separate from the group.

Because other persons should be competent to recognize this action, it has to be viewable and measurable. Thus financial abundance supplies one measurement of winning activity. Inside the social group, employees are incited by promises of progress and status symbolizations overtly consorted with rank and file such as a superlative company motor vehicle and a richly fitted place of business.

Buddhist cultivations in South-east Asia which stick to beliefs in reincarnation appreciation that the individual is born into his/her nowaday status and fortune by moral excellence of meritable acts performed in a preceding life and that effort in this life may be worthless. By preventing unrighteous acts and by upholding the harmony of current circumstances, you serve your chances of being born into a higher position in your succeeding rebirth.

Anthropomorphic activeness
What is the temporal centering of human activeness?

The United States is ordinarily held up as a future-oriented society which accepts that the emerging can be formed and disciplined. Furthermore, the future is bound to be superordinate than the existing just as the existing is required to be a betterment on the past. However this position may be short-term.