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Sunday18 February 2018


Hominian action-Relation to other people

Relation to other people

What is the person's human relationship to other citizenry?

American cultivation views individualism and perceives fulfilment as derived by individualal accomplishment.


Psychology of mankind

The traits of people

What is the nature of citizenry?    

Mainstream United States culture is optimistic insofar as it is assumed that any accomplishment is possible if worked for, and that humankind is ultimately perfectible - as the millions of self-facilitate books and videos sold every year prove (Schein, 1981).


Kommunikation und Sozialstruktur

Es ist zutiefst in uns verwurzelt und widerfährt uns solcherart spontan wie Beklommenheit. Ohne Sympathie gäbe es keine keine Uneigennützigkeit untereinander. Ein ungerührter Mensch wird meist als unliebenswürdig empfunden. Unsereins selbst möchten gleichwohl auf gar keinen Fall jene Besorgnis in anderen wachrufen.

Denn Mitgefühl hat eine Andere Seite der Medaille.


Moral obligation and human relationship

Human relationship to other people

What is the individual's relation to other people?
North American cultivation prizes individualism and realizes satisfaction as acquired by personal action. Maximizing one's opportunities and capabilities becomes a moral obligation.


Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

John Wooden


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