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Monday18 January 2021

Anthropomorphic activity-Relationship to other people

Human relationship to other people

What is the individual's human relationship to other people?
United States society appraises individualism and realizes fulfilment as attained by individualal action.

Increasing one's possibilities and capacities becomes a moral imperative. However although Americans pride themselves on their respect for individualist independence, some American commercial enterprises (in particular in such traditional sectors as banking and insurance) are noticeably hierarchic. By comparing, in collectivistic Japan, even a chief executive whose organization bears his name accepts he must balance personal desires against the harmony of the grouping.

Anthropomorphic activity

What is the mode of anthropomorphic action?
It is asserted that North American culture does not offer distinct means of achieving self-designation other than through action and accomplishment, and so goal-accomplishment becomes a means by which you qualify yourself apart from the grouping. Because other persons should be able to recognize this action, it has to be visible and measurable.

Therefore financial wealth supplies one measuring of prosperous activity. Inside the organization, employees are motivated by promises of furtherance and status symbols overtly assorted with rank and file such as a surpassing company automobile and a richly fitted business office.

Buddhist attitudes in South-east Asia which follow beliefs in reincarnation appreciation that the individual is born into his/her nowaday status and circumstances by virtue of meritable acts performed in a previous life and that effort in this life may be worthless. By averting wicked acts and by conserving the compatibility of nowaday circumstances, you help your prospects of being born into a elevated position in your succeeding reincarnation.

Anthropomorphic action

What is the temporal focal point of human action?
America is commonly held up as a future-determined society which believes that the future can be predetermined and regimented. Furthermore, the future is bound to be fitter than the present just as the present must to be an improvement on the past. But this placement may be short-term.

Können und Vertrauen sind eine unbesiegte Armee. Herbert


You are here: Home Articles sponsered by SkillZone Arbeitswelt Anthropomorphic activity-Relationship to other people

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